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    微软将推动 Linux 创新?

    微软将推动 Linux 创新? pigsrollaroundinthem (39396)发表于...

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    In support of the goal to provide an agile Linux* distribution that rapidly detects and responds to quality issues in the field, Clear Linux for Intel® Architecture includes a telemetry solution, which notes events of interest and reports them b...

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    LINUX兵书 完整版 pdf

    作者: 刘丽霞 / 杨宇 出版社: 电子工业出版社 出版年: 2014-1 页数: 536 装帧: 平装 ISBN: 9787121219924 《Linux兵书》由浅入深,全面、系统地介绍了Red Hat管理技术。《Linux兵书》提供了大量实例,供读者实战..

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    三星的 DeX 可以拿來跑 Linux 了

    三星今年推出的 DeX 手机转电脑解决方案引起了不少人的兴趣,所以官方会花力气下去进一步扩展功能,应该也算是意料之内的事情。早些时候他们带来了全新的 Linux on Galaxy,如名称所示,就是让你的 Galaxy 手机在插入 DeX 以后可以直接运行 Linux。不过,跟 Ubuntu...

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    Who's building Linux in 2017? The Linux Foundation has just released its latest report on who's creating Linux. Written by

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    No KDEing! Linux Mint is Killing its KDE Edition Last updated May 12, 2018 By Derick Sullivan M. Lobga

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    The Wire | Linux Journal


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    Linux sandboxing improvements in Firefox 57 Firefox 57 not only ships a large amount of performance improvements and a UI refresh, it also contains a number of technological improvements under the hood. One of these is that the security...

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