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    A Z80 from the Ground Up (2014)

    A-Z80 is a conceptual implementation of the venerable Zilog Z80 processor targeted to synthesize and run on a modern FPGA device. It differs from the existing (mostly Verilog) Z80 implementations in that it is d...

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    Z80-Board Z80 computer wirewrapped on perfboard This Z80 board was inspired by Grant Searle's "9-chip" design - bu...

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    ZedRipper: A 16-core Z80 laptop

    Meet the ZedRipper – a 16-core, 83 MHz Z80 powerhouse as portable as it is impractical. The ZedRipper is my latest attempt to build a fun ‘projec...

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    …wherein: I proudly present the first milestone in my current adventure of emulating the Z80 in Rust, look at the different 8-bit CPU emulation strategies, have a look at the current performance, and talk about what’s coming next. Bu...

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    The Amazing Zilog Z80

    The Amazing Zilog Z80 Jun 15, 2016 In the past few months I’ve become interested (or rather: obsessed) with 8-bit home computer emulation and ‘computer archaeology’, which is just a fancy term for sifting through early-9...

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    The Story of the Soviet Z80 Processor ...

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    Having fun with CP/M on a Z80 single-board computer. 17 May 2021 14:00 In the past, I've talked about building a Z80-based compu...

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    Installing the HI-TECH Z80 C Compiler for CP/MMy language of choice is C and I am currently getting more involved with the CP/M operating system. I have therefore decided that it would be nice to have a C compiler working under CP/M. There...

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    My first Z80 assembly language program I was cleaning an old work area when I saw my old blue notebook that I used from 1986 to 1989. It had suffered the pass of time and dust.

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    Z80 Family Reunion Discovered In Old PoS Card Swiper [Ben Heck] found an old card-swipe point-of-sale box at the Goodwill store, took it home, and

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