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    Better Macros, Better Flags

    Published May 28, 2019 Today’s guest post is written by guest author Foster Brereton . Foster is a 20-year C++ veteran at Adobe, and a Senior Computer Scientist on Photoshop. He...

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    Feature Flags for Laravel

    The Feature Flags package for Laravel by Peter Fox helps you handle Feature Toggles (aka Feature Flags) in y...

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    Introduction This is the second post in our Firmware Code Size Optimization series.Last time, we talked about measuring code size as a precondi...

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    Compilers have hundreds of flags and configuration settings which can be toggled to control performance optimizations, code size, error checks and diagnostic information emitted. Often these settings wind up being copy an...

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    In November of this year, Instagram introduced a new feature to remove likes from your Feed. They chose to roll out this feature gradually and test in production to fully understand the impact of their decision. How do us...

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    Fun With Flags

    In aprevious article we discussed why command line applications are important and talked about few guidelines. In this article we’ll see how we can use the built-in flag package...

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    Oil Doesn't Confuse Flags and Files (Code and Data) blog | oilshell.org Oil Doesn't Confuse Flags and Files (Code and Data) 2020-02-27

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    Django Friday Tips: Feature Flags

    Categories Python Django Friday Tips: Feature Flags This time, as you can deduce from the title, I will address the topic o...

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    Bitmasks, bitsets and flags

    Bitmasks, bitsets and flags yourbasic.org/golang Bitmask A bitmask is a small set of booleans, often called flags, re...

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