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    Try catch ftw. - Imgur

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    Can Google catch up to Apple in hardware? Google SVP of Hardware Rick Osterloh explains the company’s push into high-end gadgets on the latest Too Embarrassed to Ask.

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    I recently ran Code Coverage analysis for an application I maintain and the results inspired me to write about it. Writing tests for applications is often a debated topic, but I don’t want to get…

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    0×01 前言 电影《Catch Me If You Can》的中译名是《猫鼠游戏》,《猫鼠游戏》是一部好莱坞罕见的犯罪传记题材影片,其以独特的视角重新演绎了社会工程学诈骗的诸多手段令人称赞。《猫鼠游戏》是由莱昂纳多、汤姆·汉克斯 、 克里...

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    In this post, you'll learn how to use exception handling in PHP. As of PHP 5, we can use try catch blocks for error handling—this is a better way to handle exceptions and control the flow of your application. In this arti...

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    驳《慎用 try catch》

    今天在掘金看到了一篇文章,慎用 try catch,发布者的昵称是“前端妹子”。根据我的经验,这种昵称一般都不是妹子,大概率是营销号(PS:如果能换个美女头像就更走心了)。(这个还真是个妹子, 之前言论欠妥,在

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    慎用try catch

    前言 ECMA-262第3版引入了try catch语句,作为JavaScript中处理异常的一种标准方式。基本的语法如下所示。 但是在前端js代码中很少看到try catch语句,并不是所以代码都需要加try catch来作得不偿失的“保险”,下面来分析作为

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    With the advent of async / await , I’ve recently found myself using a lot more try / catch / finally in my code. But honestly, I’m a little...

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    Immutable Styles Immutable Styles | ɪˈmjuːtəb(ə)l | stʌɪl | A library for styling web interfaces with a focus on...

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    D’s DIP1000 is its attempt to avoid memory safety issues in the language. It introduces the notion of scoped pointers and in principle (mod...

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