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An online code editor tailored for web applications.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

The JavaScript community has sharing as its selling point. It has the biggest open source community and every day new ideas and proposals are shared on Twitter. This is great and a really strong point, but the side effect of this is that there are a lot of tools and configurations to consider before you can start building.

CodeSandbox aims to solve this by allowing developers to simply go to a URL in their browser to start building. This not only makes it easier to get started, it also makes it easier to share. You can just share your created work by sharing the URL, others can then (without downloading) further develop on these sandboxes.

Other CodeSandbox repositories

CodeSandbox consists of several separate servers, some of which are open sourced.

  • Client: the web application
  • Server: the Phoenix API server
  • Nginx: Nginx config files
  • Git Extractor: responsible for extracting the source from a GitHub repository
  • CLI: the CLI to upload a CodeSandbox project from your command line


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Ives van Hoorne

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Donavon West

? 5266810?v=3
Jeff Allen

? 1089897?v=3
Ben Gummer

? 154732?v=3
James Gillmore

? ? 9636410?v=4
Ade Viankakrisna Fadlil

? 1854763?v=4
Tushar Sonawane

? ? ? ? 1239401?v=4
Johann Hubert Sonntagbauer

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Joachim Seminck

? 5210019?v=4
Subramanya Chakravarthy

? 23088?v=4
Robert (Robby) O'Connor

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Bogdan Luca

? ? 6177621?v=4
Divjot Singh

? 5249539?v=4
Jason Nall

? 784056?v=4

? ? 170500?v=4
Philipp Brumm

? 2678610?v=4
Valentin Hervieu

? ? 1499218?v=4

? ? ? 410792?v=4
Dony Sukardi

? ? 89046?v=4
Geoffrey Dhuyvetters

? ? 3381746?v=4
Eswar Yaganti

? ? 9488719?v=4
Frank Tan

? 1650995?v=4
Bilal Budhani

? 843342?v=4
El Juli

? 13774309?v=4
Arthur Denner

? 12954909?v=4
Radi Cho

? ? ? 679275?v=4
Xiaoyi Chen

? 1215971?v=4
Gautam Arora

? ? 6270048?v=4
Haroen Viaene

? ? 293805?v=4
Nick Nisi

? 9327315?v=4
Abhishek Jakhotiya

? ? 14299145?v=4
Tom Kühl

? 1086461?v=4

? 11952174?v=4
Daniel Hsing

? 5403694?v=4
Maciej Kasprzyk

? 596727?v=4
Robert Heessels

? 772937?v=4
Ryan P. C. McQuen

? 613805?v=4

? 595469?v=4
Drew Smith

? 12481?v=4
Eric Berry

? 17228477?v=4

? 10888943?v=4
Malachi Willey

? 1820292?v=4
Michel Weststrate

? 52824?v=4

? 1127037?v=4
Paul Sherman

? ? 9244507?v=4
Ro Savage

? 13242392?v=4
Sam Denty

? 3087225?v=4

? 1900735?v=4
Josh Waller

? ? ? 1195863?v=4
Joe Ng'ethe

? 576935?v=4
Carles Codony


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