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 5 years ago
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An application to see the currency exchange rates right from your command-line.


  • offline support
  • default curreny
  • list the available currencies


$ pip install exch

basic usage

$ exch -a 99 -b USD -t INR
99.0 USD = 6372.61 INR

$ exch --amount 199 --base EUR --target JPY
199.0 EUR = 25613.29 JPY



Short Long Description Example
-t --target Currency you're converting to. exch -t INR
-b --base Currency you're converting from. exch -b EUR
-a --amount Amount of money to convert exch -a 99
-st --set_target Set the new tagert currency exch -t CAD -st
-sb --set_base Set the new tagert currency exch -b USD -sb
--help Show help message. exch --help
currencies List the Currencies that are available. exch currencies
sync Get the latest exchange rates for local use exch sync

Advance usage

Default amount is 1

$ exch -b USD -t PHP
1.0 USD = 51.23 PHP

Default currencies

When no base or target given, the program assumes the default currencies.

$ exch
1.0 USD = 64.02 INR

Set the currency in use as default with -sb for base and -st for target.

$ exch -a 99 -b EUR -t NZD -sb -st
99.0 EUR = 168.00 NZD

$ exch
1.0 EUR = 1.70 NZD

Built with

Programming language

Libraries used:

  • Click - for making the command-line interface
  • Requests - for API calls


For contribution, please refer CONTRIBUTING.md


For changelog, please refer CHANGELOG.md


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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