Chrome for Android working on Omnibox redesign [Gallery]

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Chrome for Android working on Omnibox redesign [Gallery]

September 22, 2022
Omnibox redesign

Given the large user base, Google rarely makes major changes to the interface of its browser. However, one in-development redesign plans to “modernize” the Chrome Omnibox on Android.

When Chrome launched in 2008, one signature aspect of the design was how there was just one field for entering/viewing URLs and searching the web. Google dubbed this the Omnibox and in recent years has been working to make it more helpful by adding “Chrome Actions” that link to key browser settings. This joins how the box already shows quick answers to select queries and pictures.

Since at least Chrome 105 (currently in stable), there’s a flag called “Omnibox Modernize Visual Update.” Only available for Android, chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update “will show a new UI which is visually updated.”

Chrome 108 (Canary) offers the most evolved design with three “Enabled” variants in addition to the general option.

Chrome Android Omnibox redesignChrome Android Omnibox redesignChrome Android Omnibox redesignChrome Android Omnibox redesign

The existing design is a very straightforward list of URL and search suggestions. That’s not really changing with the revamp, but each result gets placed in a card (with darker background) to help distinguish items. Additionally, the top and bottom cards feature rounded corners. This design is rather reminiscent of the unified Pixel Launcher search that’s live in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta. The consistency is an interesting approach.

Meanwhile, the “no active color omnibox” variant/flag interestingly removes the pill-shaped container for a look that really mimics Pixel Launcher lookup.

In the description, Google notably says that “this flag is for the step 1 in the Clank Omnibox revamp plan.” It highly suggests that Google has more planned that might also impact Omnibox functionality.

Like with all flags, this Omnibox redesign in Chrome for Android might not actually launch. That said, it’s less of a visual departure than Chrome Duplex/Duet, so the odds are definitely better.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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