How To Extend The Basic Functionality Of Your CSS Rich Text Editor?

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How To Extend The Basic Functionality Of Your CSS Rich Text Editor?

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A CSS-rich text editor empowers users to create long, complex web pages without writing a single code. These editors have a “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG interface. 

This interface shows you the content exactly as it would render on a web browser. However, do all these WYSIWYG HTML editors deliver what they promise? Unfortunately, the expectations are far from reality.

If you start exploring the market for a rich text editor CSS, you’ll come across many options. Unfortunately, many don’t render the text correctly in all browsers. 

Moreover, the content might be displayed differently depending on the platform. For example, the formatted text may not appear as expected on a mobile device. 

Luckily, we have a solution for you in terms of Froala. Continue reading to discover the different features and capabilities. This blog will also show you how to extend the basic functionality of this editor through various plugins.

What Is a CSS Rich Text Editor?

Froala is a Javascript-based CSS-rich text editor that provides a word-processing-like graphical interface for editing and formatting HTML content. Additionally, it is compatible with all browsers running on all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. 

The developers have also optimized it for efficiency. For example, its lightweight design and fast speed make it a developer’s and a webpage designer’s dream come true.

It has been developed using the modular style of programming. Instead of creating an editor based on a “one-size-fits-all” feature, we have designed it so that you can customize it according to your requirements. 

You can add the functionality you want by adding your chosen plugins. Hence, you can easily extend the basic CSS-rich text editor with the advanced capabilities and required features.

How Do I Extend The Basic Functionality Of CSS Rich Text Editor?

Here are some examples of plugins that you can use to extend the basic working of a rich text editor.

Can I Add Drag And Drop To My CSS Rich Text Editor?

The CSS-rich text editor includes a Draggable plugin. Just include draggable.min.js in your code, and you are good to go. This plugin allows you to drag images between blocks. 

Additionally, this awesome plugin allows you to drop content into your CSS-rich text editor window. This makes creating and editing content easy and fast.

How Do I Add Advanced Image Editing To CSS Rich Text Editor?

Adding advanced image editing to a CSS-rich text editor is very easy. All you need is the image.min.js plugin. With this plugin, you can browse or paste an image to the editor, paste its URL, drag and drop images, resize them, format their alignment, replace or delete them, and more.

The advanced image editing plugin also allows you to add custom image buttons to the image popup. All these features enable you to edit and manipulate images efficiently and seamlessly.

Can I Work With Lists In My WYSIWYG JavaScript Editor?

Indeed yes, for advanced list editing, you can add the list.min.js plugin. With this plugin, you don’t just get the essential lists that include numbered and bulleted lists. But, of course, you also get many advanced types.

For example, for numbered lists, you can use lower greek, upper alpha, lower roman, and more. For bulleted lists, there is an option to use circles, discs, and squares as bullets.

How Do I Add Markdown Support To My Rich-Text Editor JS?

Adding Markdown support is effortless. All you need is the Markdown plugin, simply add markdown.min.js. 

With the Markdown plugin, you can edit and format text without lifting your hand to grab the mouse. You can simply format text using the simple Markdown syntax.

For Markdown, the editor supports headings, bold text, italics, block quotes, ordered and unordered lists, links, images, and more.

Is it possible to spell-check the Typed Text With My CSS Rich Text Editor?

The editor provides a spellcheck plugin for your CSS-rich text editor. You can add this plugin by using spell_checker.min.js. You can see the spelling mistakes and typos as you enter text in the editor window.

Froala allows integration with a third-party spelling and grammar checker called WProofreader. This enables you to identify not only spelling errors but also grammatical issues. 

For example, if you hover on a marked word or phrase, which is incorrect, then a suggestions window opens up with a list of words/phrases for corrections.

Are Tables Available In JavaScript Editor?

You can add tables in CSS rich text editor. Add the table.min.js plugin, and you are all set. Tables keep your content organized. If you have nicely formatted tables, they add clarity and aesthetics to your webpage.

Froala’s table plugin empowers you to perform basic and advanced table editing. Here are a few notable features:

  • Resize table columns to the same width.
  • Resize table columns to different widths.
  • Use the tab key to navigate the other table cells.
  • Insert a new row easily by placing the cursor in the last cell and pressing the tab key.
  • An easily accessible table popup enables you to edit the entire table or one or more cells.

What Is The Image Tui Plugin In HMTL Editor?

Image Tui plugin is fantastic. It enables you to apply filters or add stickers, frames, and more to your images. To access this functionality, simply add image_tui.min.js plugin. 

With this plugin, a specialized toolbar pops up when you click an image in the editor window. The toolbar has features such as aligning images, adding captions to images, resizing images, adding alt-text to images, and more.

How Do I Get Started With CSS Rich Text Editor?

Froala has a clean and simple design that empowers you to quickly create lengthy and complex HTML documents. Moreover, it requires no HTML knowledge to create an HTML webpage. It is, without a doubt, the best website HTML editor.

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