Raft cheats: how to use mods and console commands

 2 months ago
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Raft cheats: how to use mods and console commands

Raft cheats: a survivor swims as a shark attacks.
(Image: © Red Beet Interactive)

If you choose to use them, there are a lot of Raft cheats available to you as a player. The challenge of managing thirst, hunger, and resources is enough to give any explorer a challenge, not to mention the constant threat of shark attacks. That’s why there's no shame in using the cheats you want to augment your experience. 

Though they may be harder to use since the release of The Final Chapter update, if you’re savvy, you can still get access to a host of commands for Raft with a little know-how. While you used to be able to use the console at the touch of a button, that’s no longer the case.

Fortunately, a dedicated modding community has not only allowed players to reclaim easy access to the functionality, but they’ve also developed a range of mods that offer new and exciting cheats. From spawning goats to invincibility, there’s bound to be something that picks your fancy. There are even ways to spawn almost any item in the game to help you build your dream raft.  

As with any survival game, Raft can be extremely challenging in its earlier moments, especially in single-player. Whether you’re a veteran explorer or brand new to the game, you may be looking for a helping hand as you attempt to tackle mastering your destiny on the high seas. With our handy list of Raft cheats, you can turn your journey to Utopia from a hazardous odyssey into a pleasure cruise. 


Raft cheats

Raft cheats: how to add mods to your game

Raft cheats: An Explorer Sitting Under a Palm Tree

(Image credit: Red Beet Interactive)

If you want to take advantage of these Raft cheats, you’ll need to install a mod. Though Raft doesn’t have Steam Workshop support, sites like raftmodding.com (opens in new tab) will give you the tools and resources you need to get started.

Before downloading mods from Raftmodding, you’ll need to install the site’s ModLoader (opens in new tab). Follow the link and download ModLoader, then follow the installation guide. Be sure to use it to launch Raft, rather than your default launcher otherwise it won't work. Once you’ve got ModLoader set up, you’ll be able to download mods from the website. Enable them in the ModLoader, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Raft cheats: here are the best mods

There is a whole range of mods on Raftmodding.com, but you’ll definitely want to check out a few of the most popular entries:

  • Item Spawner – allows players to spawn items, animals, landmarks and islands with a crisp menu. It’s essentially an elegant and more user-friendly version of the command console.  
  • More Storages – offers players more inventory options for stashing crafting ingredients. It’s a must have for enterprising raft builders.   
  • Furniture Mod – adds over 100 extra furniture options including tables, chairs and even a barbeque. These extra furnishing options are definitely worth a look.
  • Passive Animals –makes all creatures in the environment docile and non-threatening. Never let a shark ruin your day again. 

Raft cheats: console commands

Raft cheats: Undersea Buildings

(Image credit: Red Beet Interactive )

If you want your Raft cheats to be a bit more old-school, you can use mods to enable console commands. These humble lines of text can do anything from topping up your hunger to spawning a horde of sharks. Let your imagination run wild as you show that ravenous ocean who’s boss.  

To do this, you'll need to install the right kind of mod. Kutility (opens in new tab), for instance, will give you access to many of the old console command features. 

Raft cheats: Kutility commands

Crafting a Raft

(Image credit: Red Beet Interactive )

Kutility gives you access to the following Raft cheats, many of which used to be accessible through console commands and all of which are absolute game changers. Rather than typing phrases into a command console, Kutility gives you access to a menu that offers many of the same features, as well as some brand new ones. Here's a handy list of all the Raft cheats it'll let you use:  

  • God Mode 
  • Raft Stability 
  • Fly Mode 
  • Change Weather
  • No Oxygen
  • No Food
  • No Thirst
  • No Sharks 
  • No Seagulls 
  • Force Anchor

With these Raft cheats, the ocean will be your playground in no time. Shark attacks, stormy weather and even physics itself will no longer stand in your way. 

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