Disney's New Cruise Ship Serves $5,000 Star Wars Drink

 5 months ago
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Disney Decides the Only Way to Top a $5,000 Star Wars Hotel Stay Is a $5,000 Star Wars Cocktail

And you'll have to pay for a cruise on the company's newest ship if you want to drink it.

Image: Disney Parks and Experiences

Yes, you read that headline correctly: a $5,ooo drink. It comes served in a camtono, the bounty hunter accessory container most recently featured on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett—which you can find it on Ebay for far less. So why is this drink, served only on the Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Wish, so special?

Take a look at a video of its presentation shared on twitter by Ashley Carter, theme park insider for My13News below.


Camtono aside, it’s all still a mystery—as are the ingredients in the drink, dubbed “the Kaiburr Crystal,” which, again, goes for $5,000 and can only be ordered if you already happen to be sailing aboard the Wish. Star Wars fans with money to burn in this economy can take a taste of what one could assume to be rejuvenating Grogu blood for that price tag. No wonder Moff Gideon was on a mission. (Also: what an interesting Disney+ afterlife for the retrofitted ice-cream maker used for a moment in The Empire Strikes Back.)

An early look at the Camtono from the Disney Parks and Experiences panel at Star Wars Celebration 2022Screenshot: Star Wars/YouTube

Travelers aboard the Disney Wish can visit the Hyperspace Lounge, where the rest of the drinks are regular expensive; from the looks of the media preview, it’s like a Galactic Starcruiser-lite experience that just so happens to have a drink the price of an entire trip to a galaxy far, far, away. We can’t get over how unhinged the drink concept is on top of the cost of the cruise. The commodification of Star Wars here is truly astonishing and out of touch for the beloved stories it represents.


All Grogu blood jokes aside, as of the publishing of this story it remains unknown what type of top-shelf liquor comes included in a Kaiburr Crystal. The only one we think it can potentially be is the Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac (priced at $4,299.99), but it better come with the whole bottle and include a take-home camtono for whoever has those kind of galactic credits.

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