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 2 years ago
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Google Fi absolutely rapes you with charges for data. My teenage son was on it for a month and we immediately switched him back to Straight Talk.

So @j-5 you used an IMEI switcher? I'm not sure what this actually does... you just 'fooled' the carrier into thinking they're providing service to a cellular phone instead? I don't know much about how to do that. Getting that one from T'eyes does it have to be used on a T'eyes device? I clicked in your post and it downloaded a file (to my computer) but it doesn't do anything. Does this need to be moved to my headunit and 'loaded' somehow?

I just got my wife's new Joying installed, called Straight Talk and they said they just don't support car stereos, I told them I could put a card in it like a tablet and they told me to use a T-Mobile Straight Talk card, but when I asked about what bands it uses, they couldn't tell me - said I needed to get a card and put it in to know that, but I don't want to spend $50-60 AGAIN to get another card that won't work in my unit.

I'm kind of at a loss.

What I did is use an IMEI randomizer to simulate a pixel 5. Put those into the file using notepad (two different ones since I have 2 sim slots). Loaded the file onto a usb thumber and plugged it into the usb interface of the unit. My unit popped up a message saying “imei changed”. Then after a reboot the new IMEI was in the unit settings. Plugged in my USMobile sim card and it showed up on my account to register.

My unit is an FYT with vendor ID=1.
Us mobile uses the t-mobile and Verizon networks. The Verizon sim got no signal but the t-mobile one had all the bars.

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