A $300 discount on the Galaxy Z Flip3 brings it to its lowest price ever

 1 year ago
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A $300 discount on the Galaxy Z Flip3 brings it to its lowest price ever

Published 5 hours ago

It's down to the price of a regular ol' non-folding phone


Folding phones are extremely cool, but with four-figure MSRPs, they're hardly mainstream yet. At a normal price of $1,000, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is already relatively inexpensive for a device that can bend in half, but ahead of Prime Day, Amazon has discounted it to $700 — a $300 discount that makes the phone a more realistic option for regular people.

The Flip3 was always a little pricey for what you're getting. Of course, there's the novelty of the foldable form factor, which still fetches quite a premium. But aside from that, the Flip3 doesn't quite meet Samsung's usual flagship bar in areas like performance or camera quality — and battery life in particular can be rough for more demanding users. It's a good phone — and a very cool one — just not one that's necessarily easy to recommend for a thousand bucks. But at $700, the Flip3 is competing more with the Galaxy S21 FE than it is with the Galaxy S22+ — and it looks a lot better for it.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 could be announced in the next few months. In situations like this, we typically advise people wait to see what the new version is like before buying an older generation — but we're not expecting monumental year-over-year upgrades, and this is such a good deal, it'd probably make sense to pull the trigger now. Head over to Amazon to grab yours.

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