How IKEA’s New AR Tool Makes Furniture Shopping Easier Than Ever

 1 year ago
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How IKEA’s New AR Tool Makes Furniture Shopping Easier Than Ever

Published 7 hours ago

With the introduction of an AR feature in the IKEA app, it’s never been easy to choose furniture for your home.

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With affordable furniture and a fun shopping experience, IKEA is one of the top furniture stores in the world. Some people even drive all day to reach an IKEA store. The IKEA app also makes shopping fun, and now it’s gotten even better.

IKEA has introduced an AR tool to the app that will allow you to see what furniture looks like in your home, before you even buy it or worry about constructing it.

What Is the New IKEA AR Scanner?

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AR, or augmented reality, is a feature that allows you to see objects that aren’t there in reality on your phone screen. For example, with AR you can point your camera at your friend and see them wearing a hat, although they aren’t.

IKEA took this technology and applied it to furniture shopping. Now, you can redesign your home in augmented reality with the IKEA app.

How Will This New Feature Help You Furniture Shop?

When you shop for furniture, you never know how it would look in your home. Of course, you can use your imagination, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. You will also need to look at the dimensions of the product, and measure the space you plan to put it in, to see if it will fit.

But that all changes with the new AR feature of the IKEA app. All you need to do is select a piece of furniture you want to see in your home and point your phone where you want to put it. The scanner will measure to see if the product would fit and will show you what it would look like.

This simple but effective feature makes furniture shopping easier. Once you find a piece of furniture you like, just add it to your cart and check out.

Download: IKEA for iOS | Android (Free)

Is This the Future of Furniture Shopping?

Many would say that AR is the biggest change in the furniture industry since the popularization of the internet. Of course, the internet made it easier to shop from home, but many still went to furniture stores to see how furniture looked in person. Many stores even offer the ability to keep furniture in your home for 30 days to see how it looks.

But with AR, you can now see how furniture would look in your home without even leaving the house. Thanks to IKEA’s new AR feature, furniture shopping might never be the same again.

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