AT&T is offering $800 off the Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung flagships with even de...

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AT&T is offering $800 off the Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung flagships with even decade-old trade-ins

Published 33 minutes ago

Qualifying unlimited customers can save big by trading phones as old as the original Samsung Galaxy S

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Carrier deals typically come with a lot of strings attached. They're often limited to a certain subset of customers (or worse, new subscribers only), and discounts generally come in the form of bill credits rather than immediate cash savings. Sometimes, though, they're too juicy not to share. That's the case this time: AT&T customers on qualifying unlimited plans can trade in nearly any old Samsung phone to get a whopping $800 off a number of Android flagships, including phones like the Galaxy S22+ and the Pixel 6 Pro.

AT&T's run a couple of deals like this before, and if you qualify, it's well worth checking out. To get $800 off, you'll need "eligible postpaid unlimited wireless service" that costs at least $75 a month before any discounts — for both new and existing customers.

AT&T is offering $800 in bill credits for too many types of phone to list, but accepted phones include the Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, LG Stylo 6, iPhone 7, and tons of old Samsung phones, going back as far as the original Samsung Galaxy S from 2010. Prior versions of this promotion have accepted damaged phones for their full value, but this particular offer's full terms don't mention anything about device condition. Check that page for more information and a complete list of eligible phones.

The promotion applies to trades toward any phone in the S22 series, plus the Z Fold3, Z Flip3, and the Pixel 6 Pro — meaning it covers most of our favorite Android phones. If you're on a qualifying plan and you've been waiting to upgrade, now's a fantastic time. Hit any of the links below to see more.

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