How I solved the problem A and try B,C

 5 months ago
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By Salat, 12 years ago, translation,

Google translate:
Problem А. STL + little brain.
  • map<string,int> M_pair; // data in put M_pair; 
  • map<string,vector<pair<int,int> > > M_step; // step of player; 
  • vector<pair<int,string> > Res; // first - result game, second name of player ; 
  • sort(Res.being(),Res.end(),predicat); // created the predicate for which there is a sort Res, players; 
  • predicat //if you win the same, then look at M_step chronology of events when a player has earned the first time, the amount m;
Problem В. no opinion((
first suggested to avoid the numbers 2,5,10 ie those who create the zeros, but seeing the test realized that
is not correct.
Problem С. I understand it correctly???
The three circles on the field and need to find a point equidistant from the three circles?
Even though I solved the problem A two hours, I liked the process =) Please help me!)

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