PowerOn.ogg doesn't play with correct permission??

 3 months ago
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PowerOn.ogg doesn't play with correct permission??


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So my phone is rooted with Magisk and TWRP, of course.

Long story short I wanted to get the Galaxy S8 fanmade boot animation for my phone. But, since I flashed an One-UI based ROM (Noble 2.3), my device uses .qmg extensions for startup and shutdown.

That's not the main problem though. I got the animation to play flawlessly when powering on and off, but only the shut down sound plays. The startup one doesn't.

Both of the .ogg files are placed properly in their location (/system/media/audio/ui) and they have -rwxr-xr-x permissions. No, setting the permissions to -rw--r--r doesn't change anything. The files are named "PowerOn.ogg" and "PowerOff.ogg". Only the shutdown file is played though, and I don't know why...

I'm pretty sure that I didn't mess with anything else besides the boot images.qmg and the .ogg files and only the poweron one is faulty. No, the audio isn't corrupted at all, it can be perfectly played.

I would just want to know how is this possible since I can't make up a reason... I uploaded a video on how my phone reboots while how i want it to reboot. I also uploaded the PowerOn.ogg file for troubleshooting

Any help is wanted, tysm for reading; if there's some confusing things I can explain again

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