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 2 months ago
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Canny Free

Everything you need to get started with feedback management

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The Canny Free plan lets any business get started with capturing, organizing, analyzing, and prioritizing product feedback. It includes tools for feedback management, roadmaps, changelogs, and release notes. Plus, there are no tracked user limits.
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Founder at Canny

Hello Product Hunt! Thanks @hnshah for the hunt 🙏

When we started building Canny, we wanted it to be a tool teams of all sizes could use. That said, as a bootstrapped team, we had to monetize early on, which made Canny inaccessible to many teams.

Well, I'm super excited to say those days are over!

With Canny Free, small teams can skip the phase where you keep track of feedback in spreadsheets, or Slack, or not at all.

💬 Collect product feedback in one organized place 💯 Prioritize your roadmap by scoring features 🚀 Announce features via the changelog 🔗 Integrate with tools like Jira, Intercom, and Slack

The Free plan has everything you need to get started with feedback and there are no limits to how many people can give feedback.

Just head to Canny.io to sign up for our new Free plan. As always, our team is around to help if you need it.

E-commerce specialist
Lex Zaitsev
That's an interesting approach. At Productroad.com, we don't limit the free plan on integrations, but we do limit the number of customers who leave feedback. How's the conversion rate on your new pricing? Are there really a lot of companies willing to switch from the free plan to the $400/mo plan? It looks like a huge gap.
French indie maker. Founder @Luego.eu.
I have been waiting for this moment forever 😍 Very happy about this new release. Thank you all!
Indie maker, blogger
Really cool to release this on a free plan! Congrats on the launch!
Founder & CEO SaaS Camp
Hi, like your product! Can help you fast track to $3K MRR by optimizing conversions and marketing, just DM me on Twitter :)
Co-Founder Tally
Congrats and great news! Will check it out for Tally
I'm very pleased about this new release. Thank you! geometry dash
CMO at Tevent

Good luck with the launch here!

?makers assuming you use Canny for your own roadmaps, what are the upcoming features you're working on?

CMO & Startup Founder
Always liked to use Canny compared to other solutions, but never really understood the cost of such solution. Always though that these solutions must be very light in terms of server resources. Glad you are bringing the free plan, but as someone mentioned here, from 0 to 400/month it's quite a jump.
Freelance Web / UX Designer

That's a great move.

What will happen to the existing Starter or Growth accounts?


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