How Developers Will Work in 2022

 8 months ago
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How Developers Will Work in 2022

The world of technology is uncertain and full of frequent evolution. With all these frequent changes taking place, it is common for developers to get overwhelmed! Platform engineering is set to replace DevOps in development in 2022. Remote work will continue to rule in the remote working space. SaaS-based tools are gaining traction among software developers. Cyber security should be at the top of the priority of every enterprise, irrespective of its size. Public cloud platforms will put more effort into strengthening cyber security operations.

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Sreyashi Chatterjee

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The world of technology is uncertain and full of frequent evolution. In the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in technical development, starting from object-oriented coding that was dominating in the 1990s to low code and no-code platforms, which are dominating application development in the last few years.

Also, we can’t forget about the pandemic, which has turned the world of development upside down. With all these frequent changes taking place, it is common for developers to get overwhelmed!

In this blog, we will cover possible changes in development that developers can expect in 2022. Let’s dive in!

  1. Platform engineering to rule out software development

One of the fundamental requirements of any developer is to complete the development faster. This is primarily why approaches like DevOps are so popular. Collaboration and deployment are much simpler among developers during the app development process with DevOps.

However, platform engineering is an evolved approach that is all set to replace DevOps in 2022. Platform engineering aims to simplify developer collaborations further through a public cloud platform and eliminate backdated processes involving raising tickets. When it comes to platform engineering, an internal team is also involved, and it takes care of activities like integration, documentation, and training.

In 2022, more organizations will switch to platform engineering to manage effective collaboration among engineering teams over application development and ensure minimal effort is spent in the process.

  1. Improve developer experience

While customer experience has been a much-talked-about topic in the last few years, developer experience has continued to be an underrated topic. The core idea behind developer experience is to ensure that organizations support the developers with world-class technologies to ease their jobs.

While enterprises expect developers to complete projects with maximum productivity, speed, and efficiency, they must not neglect technological resources. Entrepreneurs should realize that those resources empower developers to fulfill their goals.

It is high time that enterprises start investing in developer experience to build an efficient workflow and enable self-service within the development process. Investment in developer experience can only improve their productivity and ensure long-term returns for your company.

  1. Remote work impacts technological tools

This pandemic has forced most of us to switch to a remote working environment. While some organizations expect their employees to return to the office, there is no particular date for that yet. It is safe to say that remote working will continue to rule in 2022.

Remote work has left a significant impact on the roles and responsibilities of developers. The most noticeable impact is seen in the case of the technological tools and resources that the developers are using. With so many distributed development teams worldwide, you can observe how SaaS-based tools are getting traction among software developers.

Any technological tool that simplifies collaboration is getting massive recognition in the remote working space. In 2022, we expect to see more evolution of these SaaS-based products that are scalable, solve problems and cooperate with the distributive teams when it comes to end-to-end collaboration.

  1. More focus on documentation

Detailed documentation is one of the essential aspects of software development. It can make or break a development process for enterprises. In 2022, businesses will shift their focus to a more meticulous documentation process to ensure that developers can grasp the software development framework easily and complete the process with the least roadblocks.

In 2022, the focus of software development teams should be on preparing simpler, detailed documentation that streamlines all aspects of development and makes these essential resources for beginners.

  1. Developers will take cyber security more seriously

Cyber security should be at the top of the priority list of every enterprise, irrespective of its size. However, early-stage startups and small businesses cannot always afford the right tools and resources to manage security operations effectively.

In 2021, many enterprises shifted to the public cloud infrastructure. While this can simplify the workflow for developers, it is also undeniable that public cloud platforms can largely affect these companies if compromised.

In 2022, it is expected that public cloud platforms will put more effort into strengthening cyber security operations.

Final Thoughts

We believe that standing in 2022, one of the biggest concerns for enterprises should be to empower developers. The trends that we have pinpointed in this blog reflect our expectations from the global software development landscape and the potential changes that can make it more efficient in the long run.

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