Galaxy-exclusive Samsung processors could take their sweet time to actually show...

 8 months ago
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Galaxy-exclusive Samsung processors could take their sweet time to actually show up

By Will Sattelberg Published 4 hours ago

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Custom silicon is all the rage right now. Apple is fully dedicated to its A-series and M-series chips for phones, tablets, and computers alike, while Google teased a next-gen Tensor processor for the Pixel 7 last week. Samsung has designed its own mobile processors for years, but Exynos-branded chips aren't just limited to the company's devices. Despite confirmation that an exclusive CPU could arrive for future Galaxy phones, we might be waiting a lot longer than most would expect.

Samsung plans a processor dedicated to Galaxy phones to be used in the Galaxy S25 series in 2025.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) May 16, 2022

According to a new leak from Ice Universe, Samsung plans to put a unique chipset in a future successor to the Galaxy S22 — but not until 2025. On its current schedule, that would result in an exclusive processor powering the S25 series, generations away from phones you can buy right now.

In April, the company confirmed that a Galaxy-exclusive chip was in the works without providing any further details, including when it might launch in actual smartphones. If this Exynos chip — or whatever branding Samsung would adopt in its place — truly is years away from being ready, the company could be left behind by the competition. A tailor-made chip for its flagship phones could help push Samsung ahead of Apple, but at this rate, we won't know what to expect for years to come.

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