NFT Opportunities for UI/UX Designers

 1 month ago
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NFT Opportunities for UI/UX Designers

Despite the great break on NFT market, we still consider NFT industry as one of the most perspective ones for designers to pay attention to.

We never planned on opening new industry for our company, but it happened pretty accidentally. It took us only one time to find a project for NFT collection and world of mouth made the rest for us. Currently, NFT is one of the most popular and strongest niches we work with. However, as any other niche it also has pros and cons.

Working with NFT: Basics

Typically NFT collections owners ask UI/UX designers to create landing page with responsive version for their new NFTs. Since most are duplicating already existing NFTs on the market it’s no surprise, that clients will give you reference with a request to copy it pretty as much as possible. You should take it as a good advice and consider the fact, that all NFT landing pages work with the same structure:

  • hero banner
  • NFT collection overview
  • Main NFTs
  • Roadmap
  • Owners or producers of the project
  • Footer

Of course, among main social networks you need to mention for the NFT landing page Discord and Twitter will definitely take place. Commonly, NFT owners work with 3D figures and despite the fact they will pay most attention not to UI/UX design, but to animations, they’d like to see on the website, you need to understand, that it will be much easier for the 3D designer to animate both NFTs and designs you will deliver. So normally you don’t have to work on animations. We’ve tried it several times and anyway it is better to ask native NFT designer to animate source figures. Don’t forget there is never enough content for NFT collections owners. Normally, they don’t offer any text content and you need to work with placeholders. The most important thing for you is to require PNGs of their NFTs so you will be able to build the design over real figures.

Advantages of NFT Industry

As a main advantage I’d like to mention that everyone knows everyone in this industry. And worth it making one successful design you will get a bunch of orders very quickly, so it will be easier to find new clients. Moreover, designing landing pages is not that complicated though always interesting thanks to the specifics and niche itself.

Moreover, working with NFT collections you will find many interesting NFT arts and will be able working for creatives instead of the financial compensation if you want it. Of course, it is a cool change to show your UI skills and what you can do as a cool UI designer.

Disadvantages of NFT Industry

However, at the same time, there are also numerous disadvantages of the niche you need to deal with. First of all, many clients are very busy and want to get result as quickly as possible due to the specifics of the niche itself. So in more cases it leads to some breaks while waiting for the feedback.

These projects are very unstable and since they are not long, you always need to have 1–2 reliable projects behind. Of course, it is also hard to work without a content and duplicate references when you want to show creativity to the maximum. But still, NFT is a wonderful world of crypto universe and it definitely deserves attention.

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