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Shrink the size of your images for free

Reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing & reducing dimensions. With Shrink. the media get💻 Faster Web Pages Loading💻 Less Bandwidth Utilization💻 Better User Experience
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Co-founder Fynd

A warm hello to the dear PH community! 🙋🏻‍♂️ This is Farooq, co-founder of Fynd - a product Tech company.

I am very excited to introduce our smart compressor tool, Shrink.media to you. ⚡

⚡⚡⚡Today, we are launching another product. Shrink.media helps you reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing and reducing the dimensions. It's FREE to use for anyone, everyone ⚡⚡⚡

With Shrink.media one can quickly and automatically reduce the file size of their images in seconds and download the compressed images for FREE. Yes, it’s that easy! 🔥

Our intelligent compression tool offers numerous advantages that enhance the user's web experience

💻 Faster Web Pages Loading Reduced image size results in faster loading of web pages, improving web performance

💻 Less Bandwidth Utilization Lower file size also results in lower bandwidth utilization

💻 Better User Experience Higher page load speed enhances the overall user experience

Today I’m extremely excited to launch our image compressor tool at Producthunt. By launching this on Product Hunt, we hope to put it in front of the maximum number of people who can benefit from it - *ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!* 🔥

Head over to https://www.shrink.media/ 👈 Just upload to smartly compress images in a few seconds. ~ Happy compressing! 🚀

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