Chaingrep is hiring

 1 month ago
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Chaingrep is hiring

Chaingrep is hiring
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Chaingrep is hiring
We’re building an API that changes the way people read and find on-chain information.
We believe that products like block explorers, wallets or any apps interacting with networks like Ethereum are too hard to use for people who don't know how protocols built on top of Blockchains work. It shouldn't be the case. You don't have to know how SMTP works to read or write an email, because you have access to Gmail. You don’t have to know about FTP to backup your family pictures online because you can use Dropbox, etc. We mostly want to enable the next Gmails and Dropboxes to exist.
We were part of the Y Combinator W22 batch, we applied with a slightly different idea, but decided to work on Chaingrep after 1 month spent in the batch. Building our previous idea and talking to other founders and group partners helped us identify a real problem that’s worth solving.
We’re still very early, and joining us now will make you one of our first hires, which also means that you’ll help us:
Define our company culture
Build and scale our infrastructure
Make hiring decisions
Set a direction for the product
We’re both technical co-founders, and are looking for a founding engineer to join us.
Some things you’ll do with us:
Help improve our chain crawler and indexer. We named the crawler Indiana because it finds shiny things, and the indexer Jones because it goes well with Indiana.
Work on our pattern matching system to make transactions human readable. We cracked some generic patterns already, but because there are no standards for protocols, it’s hard to determine what a transaction represents exactly.
Help us with our client.
Build tooling and refactor what we already have to be used generically.
Analyze transactions. We’ve made some interesting discoveries that we can tell you about!
The interesting thing about working at Chaingrep is that our core product sits at the intersection of a lot of interesting fields and requires us to continuously solve a lot of challenging problems to make everything work properly. You’ll do a bit of everything for now, but as the team grows, you’ll be able to focus on whatever you like the most (Most of the time this is also what you’re good at!).
We’re doing a lot of schlep work to make things like human readable transactions work, but are also slowly transitioning to systems that can generally extract actions contextually. We believe in doing things that don’t scale for now.
Getting in touch:
You can email us at jobs@chaingrep.com and we’ll get back to you. You don’t need to send a resume if you don’t have one, but we’d love to see some things you’ve shipped before. It can be anything: OSS, side projects, a product at another company, etc.
You’ll work with Merwane and Rosco, and possibly another new team member joining at the same time. We’re a distributed team (Merwane lives in London, UK and Rosco is in Amsterdam, NL), but if we happen to live in the same city, we’re happy to work from the same physical space. The only conditions is that you’re in the United States, Canada or Western Europe due to timezone convenience.
Have you raised any money?
Yes! Happy to share more details over a call. We’ve raised our seed round from Y Combinator and 1confirmation as well as some other firms and founders. During our fundraising period, the market was largely irrational and a lot of companies raised massive rounds without anything tangible. We did things a bit differently: We’ve raised just enough to help us grow and experiment during the next 18 months or so.
We’re still trying to keep the company as small as possible, and ideally, we don’t have to raise another round.
How will Chaingrep make money?
We’ll charge companies/projects based on their usage of the API.
How big do you think the market is for this?
It’s hard to tell as the industry is moving extremely fast. If you consider that there are as many Ethereum apps users as there are Metamask users (something in the ballpark of 25m users), then it’s safe to assume that at least 70% of them aren’t familiar with the way blockchains and protocols work in details.
But again, it’s hard to tell as things are moving very quicky. One year ago, Metamask had less than 5m active users.
What’s the interview process like?
We’ll jump on a call and discuss various topics (including Blockchains!) to make sure we’re on the same page. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll have you work with us full-time for a couple of weeks (2-3 weeks tops), and make sure that we’ll be able to work together for the years to come. If this isn’t possible for you, we’ll simply interview you for a few hours. This is trickier for us but we’ll probably make a decision even before the interview if you really stand out.
What’s your tech stack?
The application is currently structured as a distributed monolith. This means that we can move faster than with something like a microservice architecture, while keeping some components work independently. Each component can be written in a different language and can have an independent runtime.
We mainly write code in Python and TypeScript, and use Docker to orchestrate our components. Our data pipeline consists of crawling data directly from the blockchain and refining it by having it go through different transformers. If you don’t know much about Ethereum, we’ll help you ramp up!
Rosco hacked together a code linter that is so strict that we call it Squidward, because it yells at us for every line of code we write. As a result, our code is much more elegant!
Of course, we have our own preferences: Merwane would use Python and C everywhere if he could, and finds the TS syntax distasteful and the JS ecosystem unnecessarily complex and confusing. Rosco is a big proponent of the Use-TS-Everywhere church. We coexist!
Does the product work? Is it live?
Yes! We’re happy to show you a live demo or give you access. It’s still fairly simple, but it works! We’re currently in private alpha, which means that we get to pick our users and mostly focus on their use-case before launching publicly with a more robust product.
What’s the work/life balance like at Chaingrep?
We’re still very small and can afford to work asynchronously, but we don’t want to hide the fact that we spend more time working than average. More hours make an enormous difference at this stage, so we often find ourselves working in the evening and during weekends. Rosco is generally more productive from 8AM to 8PM, and Merwane’s productivity peaks at 2AM, so there aren’t any rules when it comes to this. We’d rather have you work when you’re effective than when we think you are.
This is us during a hacking session in a hotel in London! (Rosco on the left, Merwane on the right)
Finally, we’re a mission-focused company. We want to organize and simplify Blockchains, and solve their UX for the masses. As a consequence, we don’t engage in politics or advocate for anything that isn’t related to our core mission. We’ll hire you regardless of your beliefs, political orientation, and of course, everything that you were shipped with.

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