Our open-source project got funded!

 1 month ago
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Dima Grossman

Posted on May 11

Our open-source project got funded!

Hi Community, We have exciting news to share!

@combarnea and I open-sourced the Novu project (check our GitHub Page) because we both felt the pain of building a notification infrastructure from scratch. I have written about the inception of the idea and you can read it here: Building the first open-source notification infrastructure.

Thanks to the incredible interest of this fantastic community, our Github project became trending and grew from 200 stars to 2.2K stars, and today has more than 3,500 stars.
We can’t thank the community enough.

What is Novu?

Novu is the first open-source notifications infrastructure for developers.
It solves developers the pain of building from scratch and maintaining their notification systems.
That can be an in-app notification center (like you might know from platforms like Facebook) to transactional messages sent over multiple delivery channels.
Our goal is to solve a large number of use-cases from digest engine, to advanced workflows management including user preferences, timezone awareness, and more.

And the best part is - We are building this with the incredible help and involvement of the open-source community. Together.

Lately, we have raised a $6.6m round. This means we can go and build this project full-time. A dream comes true. It will also enable us to grow it and become the de-facto solution for developers when thinking about notifications and product-based communication.

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With our new funding, Novu recruited many of our contributors to work full-time on Novu and is now working on creating the best OSS notification infrastructure.

So what happened since the funding?

  • We have released our admin control panel for managing notifications (npx novu init) yay!.
  • We have created a new website, updated with all the new features.
  • We started to work closely with contributors and fund projects.
  • We have sponsored events.
  • Released our multi-environment support
  • Released our In-app notification center as an Iframe or as a React component
  • Released more providers and providers dashboard
  • Added New team collaboration and invites
  • Released a new monitor and observability page
  • Created an awesome registration flow using a CLI :)
  • All in open source!!!

The future?

  • Support every possible notification channel: Direct, Push and others.
  • Create an intelligent workflow for automating your notifications channels.
  • Add digest capabilities to make end-user life so much easier
  • Have a new user preference control within our in-app and as a system
  • Many more to come
  • Still all in open source!! :)

If you haven’t checked Novu yet, feel free to go to our Github page

Happy if you can write to me about what you lack in Novu so I can add it to our ideas list.
Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!

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