Stop Acting Surprised When Anti-Black Domestic Terrorism Happens in America

 1 month ago
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Stop Acting Surprised When Anti-Black Domestic Terrorism Happens in America


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Yesterday, an 18-year-old white terrorist supremacist, Payton Gendron, drove hours from his home in Conklin, New York to Buffalo, New York. He targeted Buffalo because the city had a population that was 85% Black. He arrived at the Tops Friendly Market at around 2:30 pm, heavily armed and dressed in tactical gear, and began opening fire at shoppers in the parking lot. Nigger was written on the barrel of one of his guns, and he also yelled racial slurs as he murdered 10 people and wounded 3. Eleven of the victims were Black and two were white. When police arrived, he had a gun to his neck. The police officers did not shoot him. Instead, they talked him into putting the weapon down and surrendering.

In the aftermath, there was faux shock everywhere. Yes, I say “faux” because no one should be shocked at this point when white domestic terrorism happens in the United States.

It has been happening for 400 years.

We, Black people, have never been safe in this country. Never.

There was nothing new, or shocking, about Dylann Roof walking into a Black church and murdering nine people.

Nothing new, or shocking, about a white man, George Zimmerman, hunting down and murdering a Black child, Trayvon Martin, and getting away with it.

Nothing new about police, who got their start as slave patrols, with the mission of hunting down Black people who escaped slavery, brutalizing and murdering Black people, and getting away with it.

When they use excessive force and murder a Black person, armed or unarmed, because they do take in armed white people all the time, it’s not new or shocking.

Don’t pull up Gendron’s 180-page “manifesto,” not because it shouldn’t be shared, but because there’s nothing in there that hasn’t been said before.

Don’t act like you’ve never heard of the Replacement Theory, or that you might not even believe in it.

The theory of the Replacement Theory has been circulating since African slaves were brought to the Americas. Keep Black people in “their place,” or they will overtake and outnumber white people. That has always been the fear.

It started off as a fear of Black people, who had been forcibly brought here, and has evolved to include immigrants of color from around the world.

The fear that white people will be “replaced” or outnumbered on “their” own land is ironic— as this land was stolen. But fear is irrational, and a guilty conscience, makes it worse.

Fear of Black skin was backed by scientific rasicm, which was used to make human chattel slavery acceptable, and said that Black people were inherently more violent, less intelligent, and subhuman.

America has been preaching this vitriol against Black skin since it’s inception.

Don’t pretend to be shocked because there’s absolutely nothing shocking about it.

America, you created this problem.

It is not new or shocking.

You say that a race war is about to start. When was there not a one-sided race war against Black people?

When haven’t we been fighting for our lives?

Slavery was domestic terrorism, or didn’t you know?

The world acted shocked when it saw the body of 14-year-old Emmit Till, but why? Or when four little Black girls were bombed in a church, but why?

How? When Black bodies hung from trees as public entertainment.

Two million lives were lost through the Middle Passage. 2–5 million more on the shores of the Americas. Those who survived were beaten, brutalized, raped, worked to the bone, and treated like something less than human or an animal. Their descendants — terrorized, beaten, raped, murdered, segregated, and living in a state of constant fear.

So how can there be collective disbelief when a mass shooting occurs in Buffalo, New York that targets Black people because of fears stoked by scientific racism, fear of whites being replaced, and a belief in the superiority of white skin?

It’s time to un-learn what has been taught and heal the wound that has been allowed to fester, but is that possible?

There is no white supremacy.

There should be no white privilege.

This is not the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s the land of the enslaved and the indigenous. The home of cowards…who use assault rifles to terrorize and attack people who committed the “sin” of being born Black.

Patriots don’t love America. They love whiteness and its privilege.

God was nowhere in the founding of this country. Accept it.

Fingers are being pointed at Tucker Carlson, Fox News, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, but they are the branches, not the roots. Yes, they are responsible, and should be treated as such, but they are not the roots.

The roots of a 400-year-old tree that has grown out of control. No, that has never been in control.

How can anyone say this isn’t the America I know.

Where have you been?

There is only one solution.

White supremacy must end.

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