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The first health and wellness platform for ALL abilities

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HomeField.fit is the first online platform that offers people with special needs and disabilities fitness through live streaming and on demand videos. From martial arts to dance, there's a class for everyone.
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Co-Founder & COO - HomeField.fit

When you think inclusive, do you consider those with disabilities and special needs?

I didn't.

About 2 years ago, I started volunteering at a local gym teaching fitness to about five people with special needs. Mondays and Thursdays quickly became the highlight of my week. Due to rising concerns about the pandemic, the families decided that in person classes were no longer an option. So we turned to online classes. Just in my immediate area, classes skyrocketed to 80+ people engaged and working out. My co-founder, Gage DeDominicis, and I quickly realized we were onto something.

We created HomeField. HomeField.fit is the first online health and wellness platform designed for ALL abilities. We serve people with physical disabilities, people with special needs, older adults, and anyone who does not have access to fitness and wellness content that works for them.

Our mission? To create a sustainable business that positively impacts the world.

HomeField’s mission? To create fun and meaningful experiences that inspire inclusion and build trust together.

I would really appreciate it if you check us out.

Website: www.HomeField.fit Instagram: HomeField.fit

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