Marketing Automation driven by a Customer Data Platform & AI

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Marketing Automation driven by a Customer Data Platform & AI

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Ortto allows online businesses to unify their customer data with their CDP, segment and activate audiences across the customer lifecycle with personalized, omnichannel experiences, and analyze their business for growth with a powerful suite of BI tools.
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Hi Product Hunters! 🙋‍♂️ We’re super excited to introduce Ortto, the unified customer journey platform for online business. Ortto is a free Customer Data Platform which will help you: 🔓 Unlock a single customer view by unifying your data sources. 👨‍👩‍👦 Dynamically segment your audience by applying any combination of filters and create hyper-personalized campaigns. ✉️ Execute your inbound marketing strategies with access to powerful AI features. 🧑 Create and optimize your customer journey. 📊 Make data-driven growth decisions without a data scientist. The free plan includes:

2000 contacts 8,000 monthly email sends Access to all integrations 15 audiences and audience analytics 1 automated playbook Dashboard and reports builder 20 dynamic reports 1 dashboard Revenue attribution User and website tracking 1 custom activity Engagement scoring and more Sign up free and let Ortto help power your growth engine 🚀 We’re also offering a 30% discount on paid plans for the first 12 months to Product Hunt users.


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