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Explore micro-startups made by indie makers or small teams

Awesome Indie is a small niche community made for indie makers and small teams of bootstrapped startups, where you can explore, upvote, or submit projects.
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Hi hunters and makers! 🙌

I've been working on this on and off as a side project since the last year. And now, after multiple refactors and redesigns, I feel it is finally in an MVP state ready for its first launch! 🚀

Awesome Indie was created as a small and clean alternative to startup directories like BetaList, StartupBase, Launching Next, and even Product Hunt itself (inception? 😂).

The main goal is to feature mainly bootstrapped products made by indie makers, solo founders, or small independent teams. As an indie maker myself, sometimes we see our hard-worked projects getting shadowed by big corporate products, so Awesome Indie is an attempt to create a small community dedicated to all of us, indie makers! 🙂

I tried to make the submission process as painless as possible. For example, it's not required to add custom images as I have an automated job that will automatically take screenshots to the product website when it gets approved.

The project was completely bootstrapped, with zero investment (only time and sweat 😅) and the first products were manually added by me. Nowadays there are a few organic users that submit their projects daily, but, the number of submissions is still very low, so sometimes some "not-so-indie" products are accepted, in a way to maintain the website running with 1-3 daily featured projects. So, hopefully, this launch will generate more visibility and increase the number of future submissions.

I hope you like it! It is very possible you find some bugs around, if so please ping me on Twitter so I can add it to the backlog.

Thanks! 🙌

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