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Help make AI serve everyone, everywhere

Help Google create AI that understands your language and culture. Make your favorite apps and services even more useful and delightful for your community.

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What is Crowdsource?

Crowdsource is a fun, easy way for you to use your own abilities to contribute to the building blocks of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps us make the Google products that you love even better for your language, region and culture. Answers from you and millions of others around the world are used in Machine Learning based products, making them work well for the diversity of global population.

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Your Crowdsource contributions improve Google Translate, Maps, Photos, Assistant, and more!

  • Answer simple questions, earn badges and level up

  • Connect with contributors around the world

  • Improve Google products for everyone

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Why it matters?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers some of the most magical experiences in your favorite apps and products. It helps organize your photos, understand your voice commands, show you the most relevant reviews for products and businesses, and much more!

AI learns these skills by studying vast numbers of examples. The more examples it has for your language, region, or culture, the better it gets for you and everybody in your community.

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Diversity in AI

You bring your own unique background, experiences, and perspectives to Crowdsource. As a member of our global community of contributors, you're helping to create AI that can best serve the rich and varied diversities of our planet!

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