Change r/w permissions to delete AKP?

 3 months ago
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Change r/w permissions to delete AKP?


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I have Magisk rooted global 10.0.15 rom on my OnePlus 7T.
While looking around I found the following apk - please reference attached screenshot.

I can't delete these apks and mount r/w does nothing; nor changing permissions either.

So, is thier any way to delete these apks?

Will deleting these apks have any side effects?

Haven't determined if a Magisk module could exist to deal with this (r/w permissions)?

Will I have to figure out abd commands on Windows 10 or live Linux CD/USB drive? It's it any easier using Linux?



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Use ADB or magisk debloat module, otherwise no way.

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Mar 14, 2015 Cleveland
Just freeze them.. I'm guessing it's not a storage issue but a personal bloat-ware issue that you don't want those apks running at all... So the easiest way for that to happen is to just put them on ice.

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Sorry to revive a most likely dead issue....


I've only used TWRP on my OnePlus once... Lost TWRP with OTA update - so I really didn't get much of a chance to familiarize myself with TWRP on any OnePlus - like I've previously done with all my prior Samsung's.

Having said all that: I think I remember TWRP has a storage/file manager?

If that's correct... Then can I drill down into the OOS and delete whatever I like as opposed to the previously provided solutions (and yeah I've used both solutions with thanks

For freezing apps I'm loving SD Maid and enjoy the additional features of that app and worth much more than I paid for it and it's wonderful that it's still seems to be maintained over the years....

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