[TOOL] Whatsapp Viewer For PC

 1 month ago
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[TOOL] Whatsapp Viewer For PC

Thank you so much for this program.
Unfortunately I'm getting an "Expected key filesize of 158 bytes does not match." error, when I'm trying to decrypt the latest crypt14 file with the correct key file from my rootet tablet.

Also when trying to read the msgstore.db and wa.db files fromt he root folder, Whatsapp Viewer "Could not read crypted file".

Is this because of some recent Whatsapp updates and changes or am I doing something wrong?
Weirdest thing, i can decrypt all the databases except the most recent one, has whatsapp changed something?.

This tool can decrypt new crypt14 and crypt15 formats:


GitHub - ElDavoo/WhatsApp-Crypt14-Crypt15-Decrypter: Decrypts WhatsApp .crypt14 / .crypt15 files.

Decrypts WhatsApp .crypt14 / .crypt15 files. Contribute to ElDavoo/WhatsApp-Crypt14-Crypt15-Decrypter development by creating an account on GitHub.

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