Pomodoro Timer for Terminal

 10 months ago
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Pomodoro Timer for Terminal

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most popular productivity / time management techniques around.

As programmers, we spend a lot of time in the terminal - and so I decided to build a super simple Pomodoro timer for the terminal.

⬇️ Get it here.

Screenshot of a terminal running the pomodoro command.

The timer is implemented as a simple shell script, so you can simply source it to use the pomodoro command.

source pomodoro.sh

To start the timer, run:


A pomodoro consists of four work intervals with intermediate breaks:

Work (25 min) - Short Break (5 min)
Work (25 min) - Short Break (5 min)
Work (25 min) - Short Break (5 min)
Work (25 min) - Long Break (25 min)

You can customize the lengths of the work and break intervals.

For example, a work interval of 10 min (600s) with a 1 min (60s) short break and 2 min (120s) long break could be set like this:

pomodoro -w 600 -s 60 -l 120

Beyond the countdown visible in the terminal, you will also get a notification whenever you start a work or break interval. (Notifications are only supported on Mac OS - sorry).

Screenshot of two notifications on a MacBook screen showing the pomodoro timer intervals

You can turn off the notifications if you want:

pomodoro --quiet

Happy working!

⬇️ You can get the script here.

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