Fx 24.0.0

 3 days ago
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Fx 24.0.0
6 points by medv 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I’m the author of https://github.com/antonmedv/fx (terminal JSON viewer)

Recently I decided to rewrite the entire program to Go. And usually, on second rewrite things end-up better. Main reason for this, I believe, is clear end-result, the target.

I think new version of fx is much more superior:) I recommend, to check it out ;) Would like to have some feedback and ideas for improvement.

One of new cool features is reducer languages: not only JS, but also now it’s possible to write reducers in Python and Ruby.

I’d like to hear some feedback from people with more background in Python and Ruby. For example, should Python reducers come with builtin DotMap or not?


Hey there Anton! Cool project! I have seen your CodeJar project so I already know you.

Few questions: - Is eval from CLI planned? (Something like `fx -e 'JSON code here...'`) - How do you support 3 different languages for writing reducers? - How is this different from other tools (like `jq`)?

Have a nice day! And liked your project! :)


Actually fx works like eval:

    echo 42 | fx ‘x+1’
Or do you mean something else for eval?

Fx comes with builtin JS VM, but fx also can exec node, python or ruby binaries installed on your machine. Of course it needs to be installed prior.

Main difference from jq is interactive JSON viewer, and as well as ability to ise your language of choice for reducers.

I created fx because I was googling how to do this and that in jq constantly, bit JS I know “natively”, so its much easier for me to perform some manipulation with JSON using JS.

And now for people with fluency in Python or Ruby, fx will also work)

I just want to improve DX for them as well. What do you think is missing?

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