How to Create Custom Emojis in Windows 10 & 11

 3 days ago
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How to Create Custom Emojis in Windows 10 & 11

By Jack Slater Published 13 hours ago

What better way to express yourself online than an emoji you've made all by yourself?

Emoji balls

Ever since they arrived on the internet, adding emojis to your messages helps breathe life into them. Many apps and forums include plenty of emojis to choose from.

However, you can also create your very own custom emojis to use in messaging apps on Windows 10 and 11. And if you're interested,as outlined below.

How to Create Your Own Emojis With Moji Maker

Moji Maker is a freely available emoji design app for Windows 10 & 11. That app doesn’t include any paintbrushes or pencils. Instead, you can design emojis in Moji Maker by selecting and positioning component clips on them. This is how to create an emoji with the Moji Maker app:

  1. Bring up your Start menu, and select Microsoft Store from there.
  2. Type Moji Maker within Microsoft Store’s search box.
  3. Select the Moji Maker app.
  4. Click the Install button for Moji Maker.
    The Moji Maker app in Microsoft Store
  5. Then open the Moji Maker app.
  6. Click the Create New option.
    The Create New option
  7. Select the eyes or glasses icon at the bottom of Moji Maker.
  8. Click the eyeballs or glasses you want to add.
    Emoji eye component
  9. Left-click the eyeballs or glasses and hold the mouse button to position them on the emoji.
  10. You can resize the eyeballs or glasses by left-clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the selection box and dragging the cursor.
  11. Repeat steps seven to 10 to add hair, mouth, beard, hat, mask, nose, and other components to the emoji.
    An emoji designed in Moji Maker
  12. Click the Save button when you’ve finished.
  13. Select an emoji size, and click the OK option.
    Size options for an emoji
  14. Choose a folder in the Save as window that opens.
  15. Input a file tile in the name box.
  16. Click the Save option.

Now you can upload the saved PNG emoji file to a messaging app. For example, you can add that emoji to Slack by clicking the Emoji button below the message text box and selecting Add Emoji. Then click the Upload Image option to select your custom emoji’s PNG file, and press the Save button.

Slack's custom emoji options

Alternatively, you can copy the emoji to the clipboard by sharing it in the Snipping Tool. To do so, click the Share option, choose a size, and select OK. Select Snipping Tool to open the custom emoji in that utility. Then you can right-click the emoji in Snipping Tool to select Copy. Press the Ctrl + V hotkey to paste the copied emoji into text boxes in forums and messaging apps.

The Copy option in Snipping Tool

How to Set Up Emojis With Angel Emoji Maker

You can also set up custom smileys with the Emoji Maker web app. That web app enables you to design emoticons by selecting emoji components for them much the same as Moji Maker. You can create emojis with Angel Emoji Maker as follows:

  1. Open the Angel Emoji Maker web app within your browser.
  2. Press the Start Design button.
  3. The web app will open on the Shape selection tab. You can select a different shape for your emoji there.
    Emoji shapes in Angel Emoji Maker
  4. Then select the Eyes Big, Eyes, or Glasses button depending on preference.
  5. Choose the eyes or glasses to add to the emoji.
    Eye components
  6. Resize your added emoji component by left-clicking one of its border’s corners, holding the left mouse button, and dragging the cursor.
  7. To position the eyes or glasses, move the cursor over the emoji component, hold the left mouse button, and then drag it.
  8. Repeat steps four to seven to add beard, hands, hair, mouth, nose, hat, and other miscellaneous emoji components.
  9. You can also add backdrops to your emojis by selecting the Backgrounds button. Click a background available there to add it behind the emoji.
    Background options
  10. Click Save when you’re done.
  11. Select Save now option to open a download window.
  12. Click Download to save a PNG file for the emoji.
    The Download option
  13. Thereafter, you can select to upload your downloaded emoji PNG to messaging apps.

Make Your Own Unique Emojis

You can design some truly unique and emojis of your own with Moji Maker and Angel Emoji Maker. Both apps are very straightforward to utilize and include a multitude of emoji components for you to select. If you can’t find the sort of emoji you’re looking for in a messaging app or forum, you can quickly design one for your messages with either app.

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