When Rails 7 Doesn't Process application.js

 1 year ago
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When Rails 7 Doesn't Process application.js

Apr 22, 2022

This is more than a mildly embarrassing post to have to write but it is an interesting example of how habits can bite you hard – so, so hard.

I recently wanted to start on an application and actually be current on everything: Rails, Bootstrap, etc. I have long admitted to having issues with respect to "modern" web development (specifically JavaScript / the asset pipeline) and I'm mildly starting to deal with those issues. I began with a BootrAils tutorial and started to work through it.

I got all the way to the end and I noticed that I simply could NOT get the popovers to work. I don't claim to have a great understanding of the asset pipeline but I do know that it is a preprocessor that should get invoked on every page request. I traced the problem back to application.js seemingly not getting processed (a view source didn't show it). So, just to be sure, I added this to application

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