Save 98% off this 2022 Digital Music & Content Creator Bundle

 8 months ago
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Save 98% off this 2022 Digital Music & Content Creator Bundle

Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 98% off this 2022 Digital Music & Content Creator Bundle. 11 courses to guide you through audio and video production! Music theory, camera, mixing, and more.

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This bundle consists of the following courses:

  1. Edit Videos on Your Phone Adobe Premiere Rush
    Edit Videos On Your Phone Adobe Premiere Rush
  2. Essential Camera Settings for Video: Frame Rates, Shutter Speed, Aperture + ISO
    Learn the Essential Techniques of Recording Videos on Your Digital Camera
  3. Music Theory Essentials: Chords, Scales, & Modes
    Learn How to Write Chords, Understand Keys & More in This Music Theory Primer
  4. Audacity Essentials for Voiceover: Record, Edit + Process Audio
    Use the Software for Recording, Editing, & Processing Voice Audio
  5. Audio Recording 101: Record Voice Audio for Video Production
    Record Spoken Voice Audio & Process in Audacity for Video Production and Podcasts
  6. Music Theory + Songwriting in Ableton Live 11, Part 2: Instrumental Songwriting
    Learn Instrumental Songwriting Essentials Using Ableton Live 11
  7. Music Theory + Songwriting in Ableton Live 11, Part 1: Music Theory Essentials
    Learn the Essentials of Music Theory in This Class for Ableton Live 11 Users
  8. Music Marketing & Promotion 102: Essentials
    Build a Release Strategy, Market Your Music, Build Your Audience, & Design and Create Merch for Your Fans
  9. Music Marketing & Music Promotion 101: Find Your Audience!
    Learn Music Marketing & Promotion Techniques with Pro Level Branding for Music Artists and Producers
  10. Audio Mixing + Processing Voice in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    Learn the Essentials & More of Audio Mixing and Production
  11. Digital Music Distribution: Spotify, Apple Music, & Streaming
    The Beginner's Guide to Get Your Music Onto All the Streaming Platforms Without a Record Label
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Here's the deal:

  • Normal cost: $2,200
  • Limited offer sale price: $42.13
  • Savings: $2,157.87 (98%) off

2022 Digital Music & Content Creator Bundle now $42.13

For terms, specs and license info, click the above link.

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