SAP Sapphire Orlando 2022 is a wrap: what a blast for SAP Process Automation!

 3 months ago
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May 13, 2022 3 minute read

SAP Sapphire Orlando 2022 is a wrap: what a blast for SAP Process Automation!

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We are May 13th, and SAP Sapphire Orlando 2022 is now over.

On one side, I’m a bit sad, because this year I did not get opportunity to fly to Orlando, to reconnect with our incredibly rich ecosystem in 3D 😉 and to feel again the amazing energy I discovered 4 years ago during my very first SAPPHIRE NOW.

On the other side, I am extremely happy, because it has been a blast for the low-code/no-code portfolio I am working for in general, and SAP Process Automation in particular. Prepping this event has been a very intense teamwork, and today I would like first to express my gratitude to my colleague Luca Milisenda who coordinated this for our entire low-code/no-code portfolio. I know that it has been complicated and stressful and Luca can be very proud, because it went very smoothly on-site, and the response from our customers and partners was tremendous. Kudos to you, young man! 🙏🏻

SAP Process Automation on the showfloor!

This has been the first public appearance of SAP Process Automation since it was launched 6 month ago at SAP TechEd 2021, where it has been unveiled in a lecture from Sebastian Schroetel and Thomas Volmering. 💡

Many customers and partners attended our sessions and visited our booth to ask for a demo:


Overcrowded Strategy Talk on SAP Process Automation


A busy booth

Thank you Angela Harvey and Peter McNulty for having coordinated our activities on-site, and also Juergen MUELLER for paying us a nice visit!


What’s Next for SAP Process Automation?

SAP Sapphire is over in Orlando, but it will continue all around the globe until September 🌏

  • May 12: Mexico City
  • May 17: The Hague
  • May 23–24:  Madrid
  • June 8–9: Zurich
  • July 7: Beijing
  • July 12: Tokyo
  • September 9: Sao Paulo
  • September 16:  Munich

Feel free to show up and connect with us there!

And without further due, you can now start your journey towards Intelligent Automation:

  • SAP Process Automation is part of SAP BTP Free Tier: As a customer, partner, or even individual developer, you can start trying out SAP Business Technology Platform capabilities for free and without time limits.
  • SAP Process Automation is the spotlighted topic on SAP Community next week: you will see many inspiring blog posts and useful tutorials, so feel free to engage the conversation on process automation with our community!


I think that I shared all you need to kick-start your automation journey as a Citizen Developer.

Now, up to you to take advantage of SAP Process Automation: your journey towards Hyperautomation has never been so easy! 💪🏻🤖

For more information on SAP Process Automation:

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