Microsoft Releases the First Windows 11 Sun Valley 3 Preview Build

 4 months ago
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New Windows 11 build is live
   New Windows 11 build is live

Microsoft has officially closed the window that allowed Windows insiders to change channels without a full reboot, as users enrolled in the Dev build have been provided with the very first Windows 11 Sun Valley 3 preview build.

Windows 11 build 25115 is now available for download, though, at this point, the improvements are rather minor.

Just one new feature

The only new feature is called suggested actions, and it’s supposed to provide users with a way to perform a series of actions when certain content, such as dates and phone numbers, are detected by the operating system.

“With this build getting released to the Dev Channel, the window closes for you to be able to switch from the Dev Channel to the Beta Channel since your device will be on a higher build number than what is provided in the Beta Channel,” Microsoft explains.

“If your device installs this build and you decide you want to switch, you have 10 days or until we release a newer build to the Dev Channel to roll back and switch to the Beta Channel. If you do not roll back within 10 days or your device takes another new build, the only way to switch to the Beta Channel is to do a clean installation of the released version of Windows 11 on your device to switch to the Beta Channel.”

Other than the newly added suggested actions, this new build is all about bug fixes and various other improvements.

Worth knowing, however, is that Windows 11 build 25115 comes with a glitch that causes Easy Anti-Cheat titles to either crash or even cause a BSOD on the affected devices.

Keep in mind that the Dev channel is the place where Microsoft is experimenting with new features, so there’s no guarantee that the suggested actions would one day go live in production builds.

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