Publish your app in the Microsoft Teams app store

 4 months ago
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Publish your app in the Microsoft Teams app store 

May 10th, 20220

Did you know the Microsoft Teams app store gives you access to millions of Microsoft Teams customers around the world? Microsoft recently announced that these apps can be monetized through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, so these apps can generate revenue. 

While there are a lot of videos that show you how to build a Teams app (like this one: https://aka.ms/Get-Started-Teams-Apps), there aren’t many about publishing an app in the Teams app store. To fill this gap in our content, we reached out to Cloud Solutions Architect Natalia Kats, who has successfully guided dozens of Microsoft partners in their journey to the app store.  

Natalia starts at the beginning and walks viewers through every step of app publication. She shows the Partner Center signup and app submission process as well as how buyers will see your application in the Teams Store and in Microsoft AppSource. The video is chock-full of advice on how to design your app to pass validation plus tips to make the validation process faster and easier. 

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert and get started publishing your app in the Teams Store! 

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