Compile and install SVN 1.7.2 on Mac

 4 months ago
source link: https://fann.im/blog/2012/01/09/compile-and-install-svn-172-on-mac/
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Compile and install SVN 1.7.2 on Mac

Jan 9, 2012

Just a note for myself.

  1. Download svn-1.7.2.tar.gz source.
  2. Run ./autogen.sh to check the necessary components to build svn.
  3. ./configure then make and sudo make install.

All commands:

./configure --disable-debug --with-ssl --with-zlib=/usr --with-sqlite=/usr --disable-neon-version-check --disable-mod-activation --without-apache-libexecdir --without-berkeley-db --with-neon=/usr/local/Cellar/neon/0.29.6/
sudo make install

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