Fix the Logitech Bluetooth Shit and Use Unifying Receiver

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Fix the Logitech Bluetooth Shit and Use Unifying Receiver

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The thing is that I have a Logitech pebble and mx keys mini keyboard, and I use Bluetooth to connect them to my mac, but they randomly lost connection when I was using them, especially for the mx keys mini keyboard, this occurred on a daily basis.

To pair the keyboard with mac, I had to press some 6-digit numbers each time and I was bored with this shit. So I decided to give the unifying receiver a try.

Logitech options

Logitech options is the software you need to use to connect to your computer to your devices with unifying receiver. Just download the package and install it as instructed.

Connect your device to computer

Make sure the receiver type is right

First, make sure you have the right receiver, because there are actually three different types of receivers. They mainly differ in the logo.

Different devices may come with different receivers, e.g. the Logitech pebble mouse comes with a simple 2.4G receiver, which is not a unifying receiver. So if you connect this simple receiver to your mac, the Logitech options app can not detect it.

Fortunately, I have also a M590 mouse which has a unifying receiver enclosed in it. It works perfectly fine and can be detected by Logitech options.

How to connect

Open Logitech options, click ADD DEVICES, we enter the add/remove device interface. Select the left most options for unifying devices and following the instructions.

Usually, we need to turn off and then turn on the device. Then the device can be detected successfully.

As for the mx keys mini keyboard, it seems that it only supports the Logitech bolt receiver, which needs to be purchased separately, WTF??


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