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Grasscutter launcher for easily switching between Official and Private servers

Download Here!

Table of Contents

Setup (for Users)

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the zip file somewhere
  3. Run GrassClipper.exe, install the proxy server, and set your game folder!

Setup (for Development)

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Ensure you have NodeJS installed.
  3. Install the neu CLI tool: npm install -g @neutralinojs/neu
  4. Install the dependencies: npm install AND neu update
  5. Compile and run:
    • For testing: npm run dev
    • For production: npm run build
  • Interface/internals
    • Official and Private options
    • Server IP input
    • Fun fancy CSS styling n stuff (CoD: MW 2019-style vertical menu for choosing between official and private servers? See this)
    • Kill switch script (optional)
    • Automatically run install.cmd when opening for the first time
    • Detect when in a folder that is inaccessible to the program (eg. C:/Program Files) and warn
    • Custom images for private server sections (anyone is welcome to submit a pull request to add some!)
    • Optional username/password creation for servers before entering (not implemented in Grasscutter yet)
    • Platform detection and bash scripts
    • Integrated banner creator
  • Proxy service
    • Local proxy server
    • Intercept and modify GI requests like with Fiddler, allow anything else to pass through
    • Fix Discord and YouTube issues when proxy is enabled (maybe fixed)

Having problems?

Below are some scenarios you may encounter and their solutions.

White Screen Fix

Encountering a white screen? Ensure WebView2 is installed

You may also want to run this command as administrator: CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n="Microsoft.Win32WebViewHost_cw5n1h2txyewy"

If all else fails, you can run GrassClipper in chrome or browser mode. To do so:

  • Create a shortcut to GrassClipper.exe
  • Right click the shortcut, click properties
  • In the Target box, at the very end, add --mode=chrome or --mode=browser
    • chrome only works if you have Chrome installed, and will create a Chrome window
    • brower will, you guessed it, open GrassClipper in your default browser
  • Click Ok
  • Run GrassClipper using this shortcut from now on!

Infinite CMD Windows

If you are getting infinite CMD windows for any of the scripts (such as the proxy installation, or private server start), ensure you have UAC (user access control) set to any option that requires asking. Ensure your user account can open things as Admin.

My Discord is not letting me send messages or load images/My Youtube is acting strange!

Discord/YouTube (plus surely some others) does not seem to be a fan of the proxy server. You may need to disable it by either closing mitmdump or by disabling your proxy in the Windows proxy settings.

I have no internet after closing everything/restarting my PC!

The launcher most likely did not close correctly, and was unable to clean your proxy settings back to what they were. Disable your proxy in the Windows proxy settings.

Available Languages and Translation Credits

Thank you to everyone who has provided translations! <3

  • ZH - nuoxianCN & Scirese
  • ZH-TW - Kimi
  • PT-BR - na.na
  • VIE - labalityowo
  • ID - Iqrar99
  • FR - linsorak & memetrollsXD
  • ES - memetrollsXD
  • ND - memetrollsXD
  • RU - fitiskin


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