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source link: https://github.com/Grasscutters/Grasscutter
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A WIP server reimplementation for some anime game 2.3-2.6

Documentation: Grasscutter Wiki
Note: For support please join the Discord server.

Current features

  • Logging in
  • Combat
  • Spawning monsters via console
  • Inventory features (recieving items/characters, upgrading items/characters, etc)
  • Gacha system
  • Friends list
  • Co-op partially work

Quick setup guide


  • JDK-8u202 (mirror link since Oracle required an account to download old builds)
  • Mongodb (recommended 4.0+)
  • Proxy daemon: mitmproxy (mitmdump, recommended), Fiddler Classic, etc.

Starting up Grasscutter server (Assuming you are on Windows)

  1. Setup compile environment gradlew.bat
  2. Compile Grasscutter with gradlew jar
  3. Create a folder named resources in your Grasscutter directory, bring your BinOutput and ExcelBinOutput folders into it (Check the wiki for more details how to get those.)
  4. Run Grasscutter with java -jar grasscutter.jar. Make sure mongodb service is running as well.

Connecting with the client

½. Create an account using server console command below

  1. Run a proxy daemon: (choose either one)
    • mitmdump: mitmdump -s proxy.py --ssl-insecure
    • Fiddler Classic: Run Fiddler Classic, turn on Decrypt https traffic in setting and change the default port there (Tools -> Options -> Connections) to anything other than 8888, and load this script.
    • Hosts file
  2. Trust CA certificate:
    • mitmdump: certutil -addstore root %USERPROFILE%\.mitmproxy\mitmproxy-ca-cert.cer
  3. Set network proxy to or the proxy port you specified.
  4. yoink
  • or you can use run.cmd to start Server & Proxy daemon with one click

Grasscutter commands

Server console commands

account create [username] {playerid} - Creates an account with the specified username and the in-game uid for that account. The playerid parameter is optional and will be auto generated if not set.

In-Game commands

There is a dummy user named "Server" in every player's friends list that you can message to use commands. Commands also work in other chat rooms, such as private/team chats.

!spawn [monster id] [level] [amount]

!give [item id] [amount]

!givechar [avatar id] [level]

!drop [item id] [amount]


!setworldlevel [level] - Relog to see effects properly

!godmode - Prevents you from taking damage

!resetconst - Resets the constellation level on your current active character, will need to relog after using the command to see any changes.

!sethp [hp]

!clearartifacts - Deletes all unequipped and unlocked level 0 artifacts, including yellow rarity ones from your inventory

More commands will be updated in the wiki.

Quick Troubleshooting

  • If compiling wasn't successful, please check your JDK installation (must be JDK 8 and validated JDK's bin PATH variable)
  • My client doesn't connect, doesn't login, 4206, etc... - Mostly your proxy daemon setup is the issue, if using Fiddler make sure it running on another port except 8888
  • Startup sequence: Mongodb > Grasscutter > Proxy daemon (mitmdump, fiddler, etc.) > Client

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