Google Assistant still isn't quite ready for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

 9 months ago
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Google Assistant still isn't quite ready for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

By Taylor Kerns

Updated 7 hours ago

The latest update is just a tease

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are two of our favorite smartwatches, but while they've enjoyed exclusive access to Wear OS 3 since their release last year, they're missing another big-ticket piece of software — the Google Assistant. Today, Verizon posted an update to its Galaxy Watch4 Classic support page that says a system update with Assistant support included is available now — but Google says the Assistant itself is, in fact, not currently rolling out.

Verizon says Assistant compatibility is rolling out in this newest update, though Google tells us that Google Assistant functionality isn't yet coming to the watches. The update includes some other tweaks, too, including a new Smart Switch backup-and-restore process that should alleviate some of the patently silly runaround involved in moving your watch between phones and a shortcut to measure your body composition through certain Samsung Health notifications.

Source: Verizon

Earlier this year, Samsung said that Assistant support, a notable omission in the otherwise great Watch4 series, was still planned "in the coming months." Considering it's only April, that particular promise could still come true — although we do wonder what the heck is taking so long, considering the watches themselves have been on the market since August 2021 and we're already hearing rumors about the Galaxy Watch5.

You can download the update on your Watch4 or Watch4 Classic right now, though, again, the app your watch needs for Google Assistant functionality still isn't available through the Play Store. It could be that we'll hear more about it at Google I/O — which starts in just a few weeks.

UPDATE: 2022/04/20 16:47 EST BY TAYLOR KERNS

Updated with new information from Google

Reached for comment, Google told Android Police that the Google Assistant is not currently rolling out to Galaxy Watch4 devices. We've updated this story with that new information.

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