LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12L) [Signature Spoofing][OTA updates] for S8/S8+/Note8

 2 months ago
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Well here is a little surprise build I've spent my week off working on
Here is a brief changelog

- Switched to new audio hal that supports interface v5
- Fixed usb audio
- Fixed audio in screen recoidng recording and wireless display sharing
- Improved bluetooth audio stability and compatibility
- Started rewriting sepolicy
- Updated wifi firmware
- Merged latest available kernel source from samsung(G955FXXUCDUD1/G950FXXUCDUD1/N950FXXSGDUG7)
- Merged latest blobs available from samsung(G955FXXUCDUD1/G950FXXUCDUD1/N950FXXSGDUG7)
- Implemented fast charging toggle in battery settings
- Removed unneeded libmemset shim
- Added support for user configurable wireless charging sound
- Added switch to disable vibration on fp unlock
- Removed non-functional srgb toggle from dev options
- Removed liboemcrypto.so to fix L3 drm playback
- updated LPM binaries
- Cleaned up device tree and kernel repo
- A lot of under the hood performacne and stability improvements
- Synced with LineageOS source

There are a lot more changes that went into this build as i did complete rebase of most of the source.
I plan to release full source in near future so people can compile other roms if they feel like it
This update actually had most changes go into it since initial builds and i had to spend my off days to get it sorted haha but i think end result is worth it

As always huge thanks to everyone who donated to help cover the build server cost and got me coffee (This update sure made me drink a lot of it haha)
Enjoy new builds and stay safe.
And here we go april builds are up, here is a brief changelog
- Merged April 2022. Security update
- Enabled new LineageOS icons (you might have to clear launcher cache for them to show up)
- Fixed issue where galery app would show black text on black background
- Fixed issue where unlock sound would sometimes play twice
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LineageOS source

As always big thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped me cover the build server cost and got me coffee

There will be few other builds this months as im working on hwc and working on a new aidl power hal that will improve performance and battery life

18.1 builds will be out in a few dyas
Enjoy new builds and stay safe
New builds are up, Mostly LOS changes and few device side changes to imrpove stability and performance

- Added back configurable audio volume panel location
- Speed up unlock with fingerprint
- Updated a lot of apps to MaterialYou design language
- Improved stability of ADB connection
- Implemented new LineageOS setupwizard
- Cleaned up device tree and list of required patches
- Stability and performance improvements
- Pointed Changelog url in updater app to new page
- Synced with LineageOS source

There is also new site that serves as a frontend for my github mirror of builds and has changelogs and stuff
you can find the mirror at https://ivanmeler.github.io/

As always big thanks to everyone who supported this project and made it possible thanks to covering the build server cost
OTA updates were also possible thanks to them, Enjoy the new build and stay safe
Well here is something ive been working on for some time, Imrpoved overall app launch speed (especially for cold start)
And i have cool graph to go with it

*All values are in ms, from s7 edge running android 12L, values gathered with

logcat | grep Displayed
hi res image available at imgur

So iorap is cool and all but i decided not to go with it and instead disable kernel tracing which gives us same results at the end without any mess iorap is doing.

Wondering why? or why not enable both
Well With both enabled there is next to no difference in app launch speed.
And as for why i didnt enable iorap and went for kernel change to reduce overhead: Well iorap always hangs in the background and it could cause battery drain for people with a lot of apps while it does its prefetching, it would also consume cpu cycles and battery in background, Meanwhile disabling kernel tracing actually leads to better cpu perf as it wont be used for some logging that we dont need (Normal logs are still there this was just throwing extra spam) and in turn also better battery life (And also overall better performance in whole os)
Ill probably release a build with this and few other changes soon but i wanted to share a small progress update and a writedown about why performance improved
edit: its worth noting google is ditching iorap in android 13 so this is also a better long term solution and iorap was known to cause overheating issues and app compatibility issues which my kernel edits wont cause

As always big thanks to everyone who supported the project and helped cover the build server cost
New update is out, WIth quite a bit of improvements before april security update is out, you can get it from here or via ota
here is a changelog
- Improved app launch speed
- Improved general performance and battery life
- Upreved camera provider to 2.5
- Disabled livedisplay by default
- Cleaned up extra dependencies used for compiling
- Synced with LOS source

Ive also been looking into hwc but more on that later
As always big thanks to everyone who donated and helped cover the build server cost and got me coffee
enjoy new build and stay safe

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