265 Not Behaving as Expected

 5 months ago
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265 Not Behaving as Expected

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Rodion (admin)     2022-03-08 18:47:07
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Hi Friend!

Thanks, that's a curious question. I myself haven't heard about this form before!

I guess you did everything correctly, but

The UPDATE-FROM idea is an extension to SQL ...
UPDATE-FROM is supported beginning in SQLite version 3.33.0 (2020-08-14)

So it's again the issue with old version of SQLite on server (which I wasn't able to easily fix). I'll try to set my hands on this in nearest couple of days so feel free either to just wait a bit (ping again if fix won't happen) - or rewrite the query to use some simpler mechanism.

ctraversa     2022-04-01 20:30:24

Hi. I hope it could help. If you use SQLite on the server and you try to:

insert into pets values (13, 'Lazy', 'cat');

you get the following error:

ErrorCode: 1
ErrorMessage: SQL logic error
table pets has 4 columns but 3 values were supplied

So maybe you could simply solve the problem just with:

insert into pets values (13, 'Lazy', 'cat', null);


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