(tiny) Life At Stack Overflow: My Developers Are Smarter Than Your DBAs

 5 months ago
source link: https://nickcraver.com/talks/tiny/developers-and-dbas#/
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What would you say...you do here?

Last month at Stack Overflow:

  • 1,468,389,303 Page Views
  • 5,183,954,727 HTTP Hits
  • 71,562,833,811,315 Bytes Sent
  • 3,202,505,376 CDN Hits
  • 54,400,000,000,000 CDN Bytes
  • 19,532,899,854 SQL Queries
  • 81,505,688,410 Redis Ops
  • 18.2ms Average Render Time
  • ...at roughly 5-10% capacity

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