OpenWrt 添加一个 socat 的 luci web 界面

 8 months ago
source link: https://www.dosk.win/2021/11/19/openwrt-tian-jia-yi-ge-socat-de-luci-web-jie-mian/
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OpenWrt 添加一个 socat 的 luci web 界面 — Dosk 技术站

  • 首先安装几个依赖:opkg update && opkg install socat luci luci-base luci-compat
  • 终端开启 socat 服务:/etc/init.d/socat enable && /etc/init.d/socat start
  • 添加如下两个文件,格式按照 /etc/config/socat 来搞就行
  • /usr/lib/lua/luci/controller/socat.lua
module("luci.controller.socat", package.seeall)

function index()
  entry({"admin","services","socat"}, cbi("socat"), "Socat", 100)
  • /usr/lib/lua/luci/model/cbi/socat.lua

m = Map("socat", translate("Socat Service"), translate("Configure socat service"))

s = m:section(TypedSection, "socat", "")
s.addremove = true
s.anonymous = false

enable = s:option(Flag, "enable", translate("Enable"))
enable.rmempty = false

run_as = s:option(Value, "user", translate("Run As"))
run_as.default = 'root'
run_as.rmempty = false

options = s:option(TextValue, "SocatOptions", translate("Socat Options"))
options.default = 'TCP6-LISTEN:12345,fork,reuseaddr TCP:'
options.rmempty = false

local apply = luci.http.formvalue("cbi.apply")
if apply then
  io.popen("/etc/init.d/socat restart")

return m

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