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 9 months ago
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All the features you need to take your podcast to the next level

  • Customizable Website

    Every podcast gets a beautiful, responsive website with episode pages, your images, custom pages, redirects, host and guest pages, and more. It’s all built-in.

  • Download Stats & Analytics

    We gather and display massive amounts of data about your unique downloads with one of the industry’s most trusted podcast hosting and download tracking systems, with IAB compliance coming soon.

  • Built-in security

    Fireside provides every podcast with a free SSL (https) certificate for both subdomains and your own custom domain name, ensuring your website and all of its content is delivered to your audience securely.

  • Import from anywhere

    Import your existing podcast with just one click, no matter where you currently host. Fireside imports all of your episodes, titles, descriptions, MP3 files, and important metadata.

  • Use Your Custom Domain

    Your brand matters, and Fireside makes it easy to use your own domain to create a seamless experience for your listeners. Just enter your domain name, update your DNS, and you’re done.

  • Lightning-fast file hosting

    Your listeners want your episode the minute it’s available. We’ve partnered with the fastest CDNs around, combined with our own infrastructure, to deliver your content fast.

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