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 3 months ago
source link: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/92356
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rust-timer commented 15 days ago

Finished benchmarking commit (500ba85): comparison url.

Summary: This change led to large relevant regressions crying_cat_face in compiler performance.

  • Large regression in instruction counts (up to 3.0% on full builds of helloworld)

If you disagree with this performance assessment, please file an issue in rust-lang/rustc-perf.

Benchmarking this pull request likely means that it is perf-sensitive, so we're automatically marking it as not fit for rolling up. While you can manually mark this PR as fit for rollup, we strongly recommend not doing so since this PR led to changes in compiler perf.

Next Steps: If you can justify the regressions found in this try perf run, please indicate this with @rustbot label: +perf-regression-triaged along with sufficient written justification. If you cannot justify the regressions please fix the regressions and do another perf run. If the next run shows neutral or positive results, the label will be automatically removed.

@bors rollup=never
@rustbot label: +S-waiting-on-review -S-waiting-on-perf +perf-regression

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