Writing a Programming Language (in Rust) 10: Implementing Objects

 1 year ago
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Writing a Programming Language (in Rust) 10: Implementing Objects

Jan 15, 2022

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This is episode 10 of the "Writing a Programming Language (in Rust)" livestream series, where I'll be implementing a skeleton C-style programming language from scratch using Rust and LALRPOP.

The live stream is ongoing at https://www.twitch.tv/ezanmoto. I generally stream at 14:00 GMT each Saturday.

The source code for the stream is available at https://github.com/eZanmoto/norpl.

In this session I was implementing the following features:

0:41:10 Object literals 0:59:39 Object key lookup 1:17:24 Object key assignment 1:31:37 Object composition

In addition there was a considerable time in this session spent on the following topics:

0:00:00 Recap of last session 0:03:28 Refactoring function calls: This was an attempt to unify the definition of built-in functions and user-defined functions. This was eventually left unresolved, due to difficulties in getting the intended solution working using higher-order functions. 1:24:05 Fixing a mistaken amend: Here I used the reflog to separate the newest commit from the one before it.

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